Vertical fuel level sensor

With low fuel level alarm switch






Shaoxing Huazhen's vertical fuel level sensors, manufactured to TS16949 standards, offers the reliability of proven reed switch technology housed in stainless steel tube. All electronic components comply to regulations on automobile electronic components. They can be used in gasoline, diesel oil as well as waste water.

  • Features and options

Shaoxing Huazhen's design team have worked extensively with manufacturers and OEM's globally and we are available to work with you on your specific application. The features and options available are as follows:

  1. Available with or without suction and return tubes
  2. Fuel filter is an option
  3. Five hole mounting flange
  4. Sensors have stripped cables for easily fitting connector by the customer
  5. Available from 30cm customizable size and length
  6. Analogue output, with low fuel level alarm switch