SHAOXING HUAZHEN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD is a dynamic trading company, mainly dealing with import and export business on automotive gauges, sensors, instrument clusters, auto body parts and solid-state lighting fixtures.


Our team is composed of 2 advanced marketing managers who have experience in overseas market 10-20 year, and 2 assistant engineers with relevant professional experience over 15 years.
Ms. B., Chen
Mr. X. B., Wang
Ms. Y. N., Qian
Mr. Y. P., Zhang

Our team also include external senior engineers, who have experience in relative business over 20 year.
Mr. Y. Q., Yang
Mr. K. X., Lee
Mr. X. M., Gao


We set up close and long term relationship with our suppliers and promote their products in the world market. Our team has full skills in technical communications, import and export business. We recommend customized products to meet customers' demands for salable features, such as flexibility, cost, capacity, and economy of operation.


We take great pride and care in every aspect of our company. This is reflected in our rigorous quality control measures, every effort to meet customers' needs and ever increasing markets. We make specified engineered products from a selected group of associated Chinese manufacturers, and ship the finished goods to our customers, contributing impeccable value with high quality components and assemblies under our efficient process control system.