P/N: HZ278ADD1

Instrument cluster for Electric Vehicle

LCD Digital Display






High precision & Anti-interference Technology applied.

Compact structure of 190*84.4mm

Totally water proof, suitable for outdoor installation

MCU control instrument cluster, specifically suitable for electric vehicle

Exterior power supply directly from battery sets

Interior high voltage switching power supply

Multi operating voltage range: 24V to 72V


LCD Gauges

1) Speedometer

2) Total odometer & trip meter

3) Amperage meter

4) Voltage meter

5) Battery fuel gauge

Indicating lights: low voltage alarm (precast fault code protocol),  right/left turn, high/low beam, etc.



Amperage meter: Max. 999Am, resolution 1Am, tolerance: +/-2%

Voltage meter: Max. 99.9V, resolution 0.1V, tolerance: +/-2%

Speedometer: Max. 199, Km/h or MPH optional, complies to QC/T594-1999

Total odometer: Max. 999999, km or mile optional

Trip meter: Max. 999.9, km or mile optional

Operating temperature: -35℃ - +75℃