P/N: HZ139FDD1

Instrument cluster for Electric Vehicle

Stepper motor movement






High precision & Anti-interference Technology applied.

MCU control instrument cluster, specifically suitable for electric vehicle

Exterior power supply directly from battery sets

Interior high voltage switching power supply

Multi operating voltage range: 24V to 72V

4 stepper motor movement gauges:

1) Speedometer & information center (Total odometer, trip meter & clock)

2) Voltage meter

3) Battery fuel gauge

4) Amperage meter

Indicating lights: low voltage alarm (precast fault code protocol),  right/left turn, high/low beam, etc.



Voltage meter: 0-60V or 30-90V, tolerance: +/-2%

Amperage meter: 0-400Am, tolerance: +/-2%

Speedometer: 0-100Km/h, complies to QC/T594-1999

Total odometer: Max. 999999km

Trip meter: Max. 999.9km

Clock precision: error in 24 hours<1 sec. @ ambient temperature & pressure

Operating temperature: -35℃ - +75℃