Coolant Temperature Sensor


240-33ohms or customized

-Common ground


-Dual station




  • Working principles

    Shaoxing Huazhen's coolant temperature sensors are used to measure the temperature of the engine coolant of an internal combustion engine. The coolant temperature sensor works using resistance, as temperature subjected to the sensor changing the internal resistance. Depending on the type of sensor the resistance will either increase (PTC: Positive temperature coefficient) or decrease (NTC: Negative Temperature coefficient). Most of our coolant temperature sensors are NTC sensors, making them widely used in automobile industry.

  • Applications

    The data from the sensor can be used to provide readings for a coolant temperature gauge on the dash, feed back to the Engine control unit (ECU) so as to adjust the fuel injection and ignition timing, or switch on the electronic cooling fan on some vehicles. 

  • Customized features
  1. The output resistance from the sensor can be customized
  2. Outside dimensions can be customized
  3. The sensor housing can be the common ground or isolated from the terminals.
  4. High temperature alarm switch is optional.

Common ground TEMP Sender

Isolated TEMP Sender

Common ground TEMP Sender











Dual Station TEMP Sender with high temperature switch