Hall-effect Pulse Generator

For Ford or Tremec transmission

4/8/16/32 Pulse/Rev or customized




The hall-effect pulse speed sensor are especially suitable for
the programmable speedometers and other electric speedometers in our instrument clusters.


  • Working Principle
        The rotating transmission in the gear housing drives the shaft of the sensor and it transmits the mechanical rotation to the permanent magnet inside the sensor. Take advantage of the magnetic properties of Hall-effect element, the mechanical rotation is transformed into a rectangular pulse signal. When the signal is input into the speedometer, it can be processed to drive the pointer to indicate vehicle speed.


  • Installation
        Attach the signal generator to the transmission speedometer gear housing (where the speedometer cable originally connected). Do not use excessive force to tighten.
        When connect the cable connector with the sensor, press the steel spring clip to allow an easy joint. There's silicon rubber gasket inside the plug. A little force might be needed to make sure a well joint, and then loose the spring clip. 


  • Wiring 
    Red wire -- Power Supply (+); DC12V+;    
    Black wire -- Ground (-);  DC12V-;
    White wire -- Signal output  (G);