Hall Effect Speed Sensor

Dual Channel

Thread: M18*1.5; 5/8"-18; 3/4"-20 or customized






The Dual Channel zero velocity sensor provides two independent frequency outputs physically offset from each other. The two channels output can be further analysed to judge direction of the sensed ferrous target.


  • Principles of Operation
        The Dual Channel sensor uses two Hall effect sensing elements. Each element generates a single channel of target information, identical in frequency and polarity, but offset in the time domain (phase shifted).
  • Installation
        Mount the sender close to the target, typically 1.0-1.8mm
  • Wiring 
        Red wire -- Positive of power supply (+) DC10-28V
        Black wire -- Negtive of power supply (-)
        Blue wire -- signal channel 1
        Green wire -- signal channel 2

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