Capacitive fuel level sensor

Voltage output






  • Application

Shaoxing Huazhen's capacitive fuel level sensor is an electrical fuel sender, specially designed for adverse environment. It takes advantage of integrated structure, without moving parts, which makes it more endurable and reliable. All electronic components comply to regulations on automobile electronic components. It's superior to other fuel sensors especially when applied to large fuel tank and mobile machinery shop.

  • Working principle

HZ37RG66A series fuel sender has steel pipe acting as a probe, collecting data on fuel level state. The data is processed by the electronic module from counting, linearization to amplification. The output signals can drive cross coil gauge, step motor gauge, digital fuel gauge or central MCU in automobile or marine vehicles.

  • Features
  1. Output: voltage signal
  2. Available to detect depth of petrol or diesel oil without conducting medium (e.g. ethanol petrol X )
  3. Easy to mount with standard four kinds of mounting flange.
  4. Low power consumption, operation amperage lower than 20mA.
  5. Transient high tension: resist ±300V/1mS Pulse
  6. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): not affected by other electronic components, likewise, no interference pulse to other electronic components.