Vertical Battery Indicator

Memory Type - 4 terminals

HT0624V Series

Panel cutout: Rectangular 37x25mm

High Reliability & durability





Battery discharge indicator

10 tri-color LED bar shows the real battery state.

Terminals: Max. 4; 3/16"-spades
Mounting: Surface mount with 2 screws in vertical

Lens Material: Poly glass

Case Material: ABS (Black)

Panel Cutout (mm): rectangular 37x25mm

Operating Temperature: -40℃ to +85℃
Storage Temperature: -50℃ to +90℃
Humidity: 95% RH (Non Condensing) at 38℃
Operating voltage: ±25% of rating voltage; 12/24V; 12V; 24V; 36V; 48V

EEPROM memory

How to order:

Please note in different applications the discharge curve of the battery sets might be different. The detecting range of HT0624H series can't be recalibrated by users when leaving factory. 

Please consult to our professional sales  on customized detecting range.


Part Number & Description:

Part Number Volts Terminal Functions
HT0624V-12/24 12/24V  +,-  
HT0624V-36 36V  +,-  
HT0624V-48 48V  +,-  
HT0624VC-12/24 12/24V +,-,C  LED enable
HT0624VC-36 36V +,-,C  LED enable
HT0624VC-48 48V +,-,C  LED enable
HT0624VR-12/24 12/24V +,-,R Relay lockout
HT0624VR-36 36V +,-,R Relay lockout
HT0624VR-48 48V +,-,R Relay lockout
HT0624VRC-12/24 12/24V +,-,R,C LED enable & Relay lockout
HT0624VRC-36 36V +,-,R,C LED enable & Relay lockout 
HT0624VRC-48 48V +,-,R,C LED enable & Relay lockout 
HT0624V Product Specs
Dimensions & Wiring method
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