Part Number: HZ21712WR


  • Outstanding white face and black bezel.
  • Metric measures with colorful band. 
  • With illumination on, scales and numbers are lighted.
  •  Input signals are programmable via the cable harness.  




  1. Galvanized white case of standard 3-3/8”(85mm)
  2. Standard bezel in black paint 
  3. Easy-to-read graphics
  4. Stepper motor movement 
  5. LED backlit illumination
  6. Red pointer with black hub
  7. Single U-shaped bracket mounting
  8. Accuracy:±3%, comply to QC/T595-1999 standard for automobile speedometer.
  9. With green LCD odometer
  10. Operating voltage:  12V (DC9V~16V)
    For 24V series (DC20-28V), Part Number: HZ21722WR

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