Battery / Hour Meter
Easy mounting with 4 Terminals
R8867N Series
Panel cutout: Round Φ52mm

Battery charge & discharge state indicator
Compact structure, high reliability & durability




Battery Meter Features

  • Tri-color 10-bar LED displays state of charge & discharge (7 green, 2 yellow, 1 red LEDs)
  • Only 1 LED is lighted at a state. Default setting: Full state.
  • In the discharge process, the LED can only decrease to the next lower level and will not increase to a higher level. 
    • The LED (#3, yellow) is lighted, indicating “Energy reserve” (70% discharged).
    • Flashing yellow signals “energy reserve” alarm at 80% discharged.
    • Double flashing red and yellow LEDs signal “empty” alarm at 90% discharged, and relay lockout at the same time.
  • In the charge process, corresponding LED flashes. Flashing LED inceases one by one until #10 LED is lighted indicating fully charged.
  • When battery sets are swapped and new battery voltage equals to OCR, the right most LED #10 is lighted.

Hour Meter Features


  • Records and displays up to 99.999.9 hours on LCD
  • Hour meter LCD remains on as long as battery is connected.
  • Stores latest total in EEPROM nonvolatile memory, without need of external power or internal battery.
  • Accuracy of 0.01% throughout its operating temperature range.
  • Control pin connected, hour-glass icon flashes and hour meter accumulates time. 





Operating Current Power Consumption Tolerance 
Nominal MAX. Nominal


12V 25 mA 30 mA 0.30 W 0.36 W ±0.13V
24V 25 mA 30 mA 0.60 W 0.72 W ±0.25V
36V 25 mA 30 mA 0.90 W 1.08 W ±0.40V
48V 25 mA 30 mA 1.20 W 1.44 W ±0.50V
72V 18 mA 22 mA 1.30 W 1.58 W ±0.75V
80V 18 mA 22 mA 1.43 W 1.76 W ±0.80V



  • Display—Battery state-of-charge: 10-bar, tri-color LED
               —Hour meter: 6-digit LCD, 5mm high
  • Resolution—Hour meter: 99,999.9 hours
  • Case specifications—Round, step type bezel, maximum 4 pins, 3/16” terminals, stainless steel U-shape mounting bracket, with washers(2), springs(2) and nuts(2), slip-on connectors(4), isolated sleeves(4).



  • Temperature—Operating:-40℃ to 85℃
  • Storage: -50℃ to 90℃
  • Humidity—max.95% RH (Non condensing) @ 38℃
  • Mechanical Shock—SAE J 1378, 55g
  • Mechanical Vibration—SAE J 1378, 20g
  • Panel Cutout—Φ52mm, 2-1/16”


Part Number & Description

P/N Volts Terminal  Function


12V +,-,R,C


+: Battery +


-: Batery -


R: Relay output+, Lockout


C: Hour meter counting enable


R8867N-24 24V +,-,R,C


R8867N-48 48V +,-,R,C
R8867N-72 72V +,-,R,C
R8867N-80 80V +,-,R,C
R8867NC-12 12V +,-,R,C

+: Battery +


-: Batery -


R: Relay output+, Lockout


C: Hour meter counting enable

    & LED BDI display enable

R8867NC-24 24V +,-,R,C
R8867NC-36 36V +,-,R,C
R8867NC-48 48V +,-,R,C
R8867NC-72 72V +,-,R,C
R8867NC-80 80V +,-,R,C

R8867N & R8867NC Product Specifications
Dimensions & Wiring method
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